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Service: the Ticketing System

What is a ticketing system?

BOLD handles all customer service at our Customer Service Center in Toronto, Ontario since 2017. Customers have the ability to reach out to their mentors, and all general customer service at any time. With an in-house professional team working directly with each project each customer service rep. at BOLD has in-depth knowledge of the platform and products.
The ticketing system will re-set message requests when made repeatedly before any response.


BOLD offers all clients more than 10 modes to contact us! We make sure that at each phase of business creation and scaling you are never left out. You can reach out to use 24/7 through any of our channels and we'll get back within 24 hours.
When you become a client, we also open a client portfolio for you. This ensures that at each point no matter through what channel you reach out, you'll always get personalized support and the agent will have all your project details to guide you.

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