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Earn a minimum of $1.5K per month profits with your own Social Media Marketing Agency

We'll create it, we'll automate it. Start a passive source of income with an automated Social media marketing agency.

Total Upfront Investment: $699

Full Agency Setup

Full social media marketing business built with sales funnels and affiliate portals. We'll set you up with automated software to automate all of your clients' businesses.

24/7 Agency Support

We provide you with your team. They'll handle automating all of your customers and helping you grow and scale your SMM agency business.

We Do The Marketing

We'll build the ADS and automated sales funnels for your business so you get an agency already drawing clients.

Ongoing Help

You get access to a supportive community of expert marketers and students alike working on growing and scaling their agencies!

Your role as the Business Owner

Growth VS Passive income

Your Social Media Marketing agency has the potential to become a full time, 6-figure income generator. However, some clients may want to run their business as "hands-off" passive side incomes which is fine! Whether you're looking to make $2k per month passively or much more our team will build this business around your needs

Training and Mentor

We provide guided step by step training for your role as the business owner. 
With the SMM Agency plan, you also get access to lifetime development support. So if at any point you have any questions on growing and scaling you'll have your development team at the ready!

Monthly Expense

After the $699 to startup and get all the setups out of the way, you'll spend about $100 per month starting out.
This covers your branded marketing automation software and team.
As the number of your clients grows and your business expands you'll be spending more monthly. Keep in mind this also means more profits per month.

30-day money-back guarantee

If within 30 days your business isn't landing recurring clients, you are eligible for a full refund.

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