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It all started with...

BOLD got its flames from entrepreneurs just like you. We wanted to build a community of transparent and supportive business consulting and creation as well as the latest resources. Above all, an honest service.

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Here to make starting and growing your business straightforward and honest.


is to help and empower entrepreneurs around the world and to foster a community built upon innovative and forward moving ideas.

We are B2B

We don't approach clients as customers. Whether you have a business or not, we'll treat you like a business and foster a long-term partnership. That's what sets us apart. At BOLD, we make sure everything is super clear, easy to use, simple and advanced so you can scale as you like with no limitations.

Empire State Building

At BOLD, we value client relationships more than anything else. That's why we invested in 10 platforms clients can use to always stay in touch with us and their personal mentors.

Your business and growth is our priority and mission, and our main capital comes from your success.

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