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Starting A Refund

All clients are eligible for a full refund as long as the refund application below is completed within 90 business days of taking ownership of your store. Feel free to fill out the form even if you have passed the 90-day mark and an account specialist will reach out!

All refunds are sent back within 5-10 business days (depending on your bank!). Mentor communication channels will be closed. Please complete and submit the form below to start your refund!

Thanks for submitting! We'll follow up with refund confirmation within 24 hours.

Sell Your Business!

Buying, running and selling businesses is a great way to earn extra income in itself! Start by letting your mentor know so we can prep your store to be sold. Listings like Shopify Exchange and FLIPPA can help flip your business for a great profit!! Each store is unique so you're guaranteed to see it profit!

Premium themes, USA based suppliers and custom branded product!

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