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Having a monthly report of your Facebook advertising performance is essential for your ecommerce store’s growth.

Power Editor lets you create to compare and evaluate your campaigns. To create a report from Power Editor, select a campaign and click on the button with a page on it. When you hover over it, it will say “Create Report.”

From there, you’ll be taken to a Report Manager screen, where you can create a new report or view your old ones. When you’re creating a report, you’ll first choose a filter if you want to. Filters will create reports only around certain campaigns, like those of a certain objective or campaigns that had certain metrics.

You then choose the criteria you want to create a report around. For example, you can choose “Campaign name” and then “contains/does not contain [insert word here].” You can also create reports for ads that have a CPA or CPM above or below a certain amount, or have a frequency greater or lower than a certain number.

Once your reports are generated, you can view them in Power Editor where they’ll be stored, or you can export them as an Excel or .csv format.

At AdEspresso we allow you to create automated and custom (white-label) PDF reports of your ads performance - and have them delivered to your company’s inbox on whatever timeframe you’d like. You can read more on our site about creating and customizing your Facebook Ad PDF Reporting.

With reporting, you’ll have the insights necessary to influence your advertising strategy going forward. I’d suggest having a recurring monthly checkpoint to see your results.

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