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How to Engage Customers On Halloween

The holidays are a special time to engage your customers with special events. Discounts and sales are boring and are so outdone to the point where they no longer attract attention. As an emerging brand you need to do something different, something that sets yourself apart!

Read below on some creative ways to get your customers excited this Halloween!


Get things started by a special trick or treat deal! Add something fun and mysterious in orders for your customers to get excited! Don't tell them what it is, but make sure to add it on the header and advertise the additional spooky treats! If there is a collection of products you are giving out, display them all! And make a large discount or buy one free card, for one special winner.

Fashion or some Accessory brand?

Send a shoutout to your customers to wear your gear along with the costumes and do a contest/giveaway on social media!

Ask customers to tag you in their pictures on Instagram, and use those images to choose the best picture. Send that customers something awesome! A free gift to give back to your customers and to keep them engaged!

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