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How did you start?

I always loved designing and customizing my shoes, whether they be minor changes or more drastic ones! My first customers before I went online were friends and family.


Using BOLD and Shopify, I increased sales significantly (lol). Here I am two years later selling over 10,000 orders a month just in my own business without even accounting for my employees which have doubled. BOLD and Shopify gave me an incredible foundation and I ran with it.

Then we got a BOLD digital advertising analyst who changed everything for us. We were doing great but he really took us to another level. He continues to wow us every day. We also hired an SEO Manager and tech team to handle all of our website development. We have been very fortunate (thanks to BOLD and Shopify) to be able to connect with such heavy-hitting amazing companies that have been able to push our company to the front.

Advice for startups?

Use social media and take advantage before it's too late. We have over 125k followers on Instagram, 34k on Facebook, and 35k on YouTube. They are a revolving door of sales. We show potential customers examples of what they can achieve using our products and we love to display artists and fans on our page for support. People love to be involved and having an active company to believe in helps the community grow greatly.

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